Children and Adolescents

Behaviors are often indicators of unmet needs in children and adolescents.  Teaching clients to self regulate emotions through relaxation, grounding, and deep breathing before focusing on behavioral changes allows the child to gain insight, develop necessary skills of self calming, and improve understanding, retention, and implementation of therapy interventions.


A full biopsychosocial assessment is needed to fully understand and evaluate the scope and epidemiology of presenting concerns.  Once the issues are fully understood, Kimberly provides parents and families a diagnosis and explanation of any mental health disorders in order to help families and clients manage their lives is the most optimal way.  


Children impact and are impacted by  the family unit in which they exist.  Family involvement is key for making meaningful and lasting changes in a child's life.  Family members are seen as key players and their strengths and insights about the child are valued and necessary in order to help all those involved in the child's life.  


When homes are unsafe, Kimberly helps the family address barriers to safety and energizes the family through motivation , psycho-education, and unconditional positive regard, to make the needed changes for all family members to experience greater wellness and stability.


We are all capable of living our best lives and can find peace, joy, and happiness through the process of psychotherapy.